MyBeezBox Gift

Sell your vouchers, gift vouchers, and money pot

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Improve your cash flow with vouchers and gift vouchers

Enjoy a constantly improving solution!

A gain in total revenue

Thanks to the most efficient solution on the market and thanks to last-minute sales

A gain in cash flow

Thanks to direct caching on your website

A gain in profitability

Thanks to the 10-30% of unused

Considerable time savings

Focus on your core business and offer your customers the simple and efficient solution they expect!

MyBeezBox Gift features

Integrated secure payment solution

Advanced options management

Gift Vouchers

Extensive integration on-site or on Facebook

Color customization for your Gift Shop

A tool to promote the shop on your site (pop in)

Coupon codes management

Responsive optimized mobile and tablet shop

Multi-lingual: French, English, Spanish

Group payment

Reminder on shopping basket abandonment

Money pot

Payment by cheque or bank transfer

Possibility to put forward a "Headline" offer

Thaïs or KEBooking connectivity

Connectivity Restaurant Guestonline, Zenchef

On-site purchase management

Shipment management module

Invitations management module

Optimization of re-purchases (thank you coupon code)


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