MyBeezBox Click and Collect

Sell to take away, in drive, in delivery


For your deliveries, drive and take-away sales

MyBeezBox Click & Collect (takeaway/delivery/drive) is an immediate profit-making solution for your restaurant: lunch basket, bread, wine, desserts, family meals...Manage directly and easily from your MyBeezBox interface all your take-away sales and deliveries!

Integrated delivery

In major cities, thanks to a partnership with Stuart

Integrated online payment

No need for VAD from your bank

Available on desktop, mobile and tablet

65% of sales are made on mobile-phones

With no obligation

And turnkey in 48 hours

MyBeezBox Click & Collect functionalities

Connectivity with Stuart to fully manage your deliveries to major cities in France

Accounting management with different levels of VAT and automatic generation of invoices for buyers

Possibility to define as many offers as desired

Definition of delivery slots (e.g. from 10 am to 1 pm) and desired days (e.g. Monday to Friday).

Blocking reservations X hours before the slot's start for better inventory management

Possibility to define several formulas per offer (Ex: Starter + Main Course or Starter + Main Course + Dessert)

Precise inventory management

Addition of options, as a complement to the formulas (Ex: caviar, a bottle of wine)

2 modes of delivery: on-site pick-up or at-home delivery (with an additional charge)

Summary of orders for each slot to easily manage the preparation of dishes and "packages".

Want to know more?

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