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The solution for selling online experiences, directly on your site !

Offer your services and experiences on specific dates directly online to generate more sales !

MyBeezBox Experience

  • An integrated store on your website
  • A personalized, responsive point of sale available in 3 languages…
  • An integrated secure payment solution
  • Automated purchases: personalization, online payment and sending of the booking confirmation by email
  • Complete autonomy to manage your daily offers and sales
  • Without commitment, without subscription and without fixed costs!

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Oenological stay with tasting, special Valentine’s Day evening, themed lunch with golf…

How it works ?

  • 1 Your catalog of experiences is integrated into your site
  • 2 Your customer goes to this new store
  • 3 He chooses an experience and selects the dates that suit him
  • 4 He pays online thanks to the integrated payment solution
  • 5 He instantly receives his booking confirmation by email
  • 6 You are notified of the reservation and the selected date
  • 7 You collect the total amount of the reservation

More sales, without wasting time !

Save time

Simplify your life with automated and personalized purchases 24/7.

Strengthen your treasure

Diversify your business and enjoy lots of last minute sales.

Increase your turnover

Take advantage of a solution designed to increase conversion and promote the act of purchase.

Improve the customer experience

Respond to growing customer expectations… and strengthen your brand image !

They talk about it better than us…


Main features

Automated online store, unlimited number of offers, management of the display order of the different experiences… and many options adapted to your establishment and its commercial policy.

Sale of experiences on your website and on site

Integration of the store on your website, and possibility of adding a manual reservation from your management space.

Autonomous management of sales and your offers

Possibility of displaying experiences without available dates, definition of the maximum capacity for each date…


Free tools to highlight your offers: QR code, pop-in…


Time limit on promo codes, database exports, possibility to make an offer private for some of your customers… everything you need to boost your sales.

Simplified accounting

Accounting reports with different VAT levels and automatic invoice generation for buyers.


The MyBeezBox team supports you on a daily basis, from setting up your store to optimizing it daily !

A tool compatible with…

MyBeezBox Gift – gift cards and vouchers : use gift vouchers as a way to pay for your experiences.

More than 1,200 tourism and catering professionals generate additional income thanks to MyBeezBox.

Your questions

  • Can I make several dates available for the same experience ?
    Yes, it is quite possible to configure several time slots within the same offer, in order to offer maximum flexibility to your customers. You can also set a limited number of places for each date or offer.
  • Can I make several dates available for the same experience?
     Yes, it is quite possible to configure several time slots within the same offer, in order to offer maximum flexibility to your customers. You can also set a limited number of places for each date or offer.
  • Can I block reservations several days before the date?
    Yes, blocking reservations X days (at your convenience) before the scheduled date is possible. This allows you to better organize your customers' stay and offer them the best possible service!
  • What if customers have questions about their purchases?
    Our support service is there for that! It helps you save time and relieves you in managing customer requests: changing the message intended for the beneficiary, changing the name, answering to a request for reimbursement and validity date... We ask for your agreement about all important changes, including changes for dates and refunds…
  • What is the implementation time?
    We make sure to be as responsive as possible. Upon receipt of all the necessary documents, your shop can be ready in 1 week!
  • How is the store integrated into our website?
    It depends: the store can be integrated directly on a page using a code and / or via a call to action button. For example, a button added to your main menu may link to your online gift store. Anyway, we can help you integrate your store on your website for free.
  • Do we have access to a management interface?
    Yes, a management interface allows you to manage your offers and your sales independently, whenever you want.
  • Is the payment solution included?
    A secure payment solution by credit card is included. When creating your store, our teams take care of everything. Every week, you will receive the amount of sales from the past week in your bank account.